Get to Know the Candidates


Sherri Delmonico

Candidate for Unit C Representative

I am Sherri Delmonico.

I am running for Unit C Representative. I have served as rep. for over 8 years. A very wise friend recently told me,

“with perseverance an organization can rise up and be the strength that they are”.

I encourage all FEA members to have your voices heard!

VOTE on April 26 & 27.

Reenie Dwyer

Candidate for President

I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.”–Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM

This quote sums up my work with the FEA. Every meeting with a principal, superintendent, or central office person where I was representing you, was a first time. Each situation, grievance, or conversation on your behalf was unique. Each time, I faced a challenge, and I succeeded. This is the work I love and want to continue. Vote for Maureen” Reenie” Dwyer. I’m asking for your vote to continue making positive changes. I offer honest and fair representation.

Accomplishments as President over the past four years:

  • Negotiated diligently and continuously on our last contract –  worth the patience – we got 6% overall
  • Member of the Opiate Coalition of Falmouth – working to protect our families
  • Ushered in FEA bylaw revisions that revamped the election process
  • Ongoing meetings with the Superintendent and Central Office staff to keep communication open between the union members and administrators
  • Member of the Superintendent’s Search Committee
  • Member of the Evaluation Subcommittee
  • Delegate at the MTA Annual Meeting

• Delegate at NEA’s Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly, the main policymaking and legislative body of the National Education Association


Lori Andrade

Candidate for President



Lori Andrade

2018 F.E.A. President

Fellow Members,

I’m Lori Andrade. I’m running for President for many reasons.

I believe we are stronger united together with a common voice that represents us publicly as the credible professionals we are.

We need a leader with:

  • the ability to have professional, honest, open dialogue.
  • the capability to listen to differing viewpoints without taking it personally.
  • the knowledge required to effectively communicate with members.
  • the competence essential to represent our membership professionally.
  • the expertise demanded to enforce the contract successfully.

I have demonstrated that I am that person.

I have served the membership successfully for countless years in many roles. I have been Recording Secretary, Ethnic Minority Director, Grievance Chair, Negotiations Team member, Co-Chair of the Evaluation Committee, and delegate to the MTA Annual meeting.

The service for which I am most proud is:

Articulate member tackling tough issues that arise with the know-how essential for fostering an effective, inclusive, adept union.

I’m running for ALL of our members with the intention and aptitude to reunite our organization.

A vote for me = A vote for us.

I would be honored to have your vote.

Vote for me, Lori Andrade, as F.E.A. President.


Ann Goulart 

Candidate for FEA Secretary

Hello everyone

I am

Ann Goulart

I am running for FEA secretary.

I have been a teacher in Falmouth for the past 29 years! I have been a classroom teacher and a specialist. I have been a new teacher mentor, served on hiring committees, the start time committee, scheduling committees and the building use committee. For the past two years, I have been the FEA secretary. I would like to continue to work for you, the FEA members, to be a well rounded, experienced board member.

Thank you


Susan Baker

Candidate for Membership Chair

Susan Baker

Greetings. I have been the membership chair for FEA for over 10 years. I have also served on NEA Resolutions Committee and several MTA committees including the chair of the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee for MTA. I have had positive working relationship with all the HR and Payroll personnel in Administration, as well as contacts and strong working relationship with MTA membership and accounting offices. I have attended numerous workshops and training for this position. I have experience and would love to continue to serve FEA as your membership chair.

Thank you for your vote.


Susan D. Baker

FEA Membership Chair

Time Spent Teaching Is Never Erased


Lynette Perdiz-Cash

Candidate for Membership Chair

I am Lynette Perdiz Cash

I am running for Membership Chair of F.E.A.

I have been working in Falmouth Public Schools since 1988. First, as an aide at FHS and then as a teacher in grades one through four at three of our elementary schools. My current position is that of a Reading Teacher/Title One Teacher at East Falmouth.

I have held the position of Ethnic Minority Chair on the F.E.A. for the past two years, which I have enjoyed. It has provided me with the opportunity to attend conferences that showed me the problems facing other districts and the means to find a resolution.

The Membership Chair position requires availability, good organizational skills, and clear communication with new and veteran employees as well as administration. I possess all of these qualities.

My belief is that any position on the Executive Board requires an individual be readily available to listen with an open mind. Words and actions should be chosen carefully when addressing issues and individuals. The Executive Board requires Team Players.

My motto has always been, “Treat Others the Way You Want To be Treated”!

Please give me your Vote to bring Positive Change to Our Union.

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